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▷ my precious person
▷ the kirishima to my yokozawa
▷ the rei-chan to my nagisa-kun
▷ the haru-chan to my makoto
Why is he saying all these nice things? Rei’s not supposed to be this nice!

Why is he saying all these nice things? Rei’s not supposed to be this nice!

Why does this guy have to come at a time like this…

I know this sounds weird but how did you get your username? It's kinda like my surname........ ( apologies for spelling)

i’ve already gotten a couple of asks on this. i got my url from kuroshitsuji’s sebastian michaelis, as i was very fond of the anime when i just started this blog. i did not know they would be similar to so many people’s surnames.

went home to tokyo for a week for comiket! got a lot of free!/haikyuu!!/hetalia/shinsekai yori dojinshi, and i bought some fanbooks by asou kai. then i got some free! merch and now that makoharu poster is on my bedroom wall back here in kyoto. i also wanted to get the free!~bitter chocolate makoto figure but the last one i saw was taken by someone else right in front of my eyes (T^T) but the one-week trip was fun, i hope i can go back to tokyo for the winter comiket.

kyomi-02 said:
You're an angel

Σ(●゚д゚●) t-thank you

Thus the day ends. However, I am still unable to figure him out.

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i love fruk, nordic five, makoharu, and reigisa a lot o(●´ω`●)o

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silence will fall when the question is asked
where do you download your high quality hetalia episodes?
nyaa.se, and they are not high quality, but they are the best quality ones i can find.

which episode is this [gif] from?
i get asks like these every week, and i have stopped answering them because frankly, it's getting troublesome and i think you guys can look for them yourselves.

your translations are wrong/the subs say [this] not [that].
my translations are not wrong. sometimes I do my own translating which may differ from the subs. if you watch the English dubbed version and then tell me my translations are wrong, please go home.

where do you get your merchandise?
animate stores and events i attend.

your username is similar to my surname!/how did you get your username?
it's very surprising, because i did not realise that when i first started this blog. i was very fond of kuroshitsuji when i first started this blog, and got my username here.

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